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Graffiti Kingdom

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Genre: Action; RPG
Publisher: Hot-B USA
Developer: Taito Corporation
Release Date: 7/28/2005
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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In the far distant past; more than a thousand years ago; a Demon plunged the peaceful Canvas Kingdom into a turmoil of chaos and devastation. The Gods granted the power of ‘Graffiti’ to a few valiant warriors; ordering them to use it to crush the Demon. Thanks to these brave men and their powers; the evil Demon was defeated and imprisoned in the catacombs deep under the city; so that he could never again return to wreak havoc on the realm. So much time had passed since then; that the story of the Demon and of the power of the ‘Graffiti’ seemed to have passed into legend… until now. You will guide Prince PIXEL and his friend PASTEL through countless adventures and; with the help of the magic power of the Graffiti you will seek out the Lord of Evil to lift the terrible shadow from the city.

  • Customise your characters and select their different characteristics.
  • Power up your creatures and change them using the magic of the Graffiti.
  • Assume the role of little demons and fight the enemy with their own weapons.
  • Capture as many enemies as you can to increase your collection of Graffiti.
  • Defeat the powerful boss enemies to face the final epic struggle with the Demon himself!
  • Watch over 80 minutes of video sequences recounting the adventures of PIXEL and his friends!

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